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Personally I have been involved in the cryptocurrency space for a while now.  I will gladly admit I am not one of the early adopters since I only got my first few coins/tokens in June 2017.  

Back then everything was still rosy and the perils of Mount Gox seemed irrelevant to me.  I had not lived through those times and could not relate.  All as good and I was part of the new wave of decentralisation, riding hype of cutting edge technology. 

Trying to read up as much as possible and absorbing the new knowledge like a sponge I did spot more and more articles written on this blockchain called Steem.  This was through the website  It was the one and only Dapp available out there but it did promise getting extra cryptocurrencies through participation in Blogging and articles.  

So I created an account and a username @felander and over a year and a half later I am still active writing regular blogs on my life and about all things Crypto.  In the year before I ever even bought a Steem token I was able to write together over 2000 Steem Power. (At its maximum that would have been 12000 dollars just by using my proof of brain)

Living in the Crypto Valley the next step was going to different Meetups about this amazing topic.  There I started running into the same people but the ICO craze was in full swing and I found that most people just wanted to shill their project and get my money with some vague white paper.  So with some people I met along the way we founded the Crypto World Zug association.  Our mission there is trying to educate ordinary interested folk on what crypto and blockchain could mean for the future. (


And now one more decentralised step.

I have created which is a site that aims to give relative newcomers to this world a nice and comprehensive source of trustworthy information that can guide them on their journey without making the mistakes I made along the way.   All of this is indeed fuelled by passion for this amazing new technology.  So if you want to keep up to date, visit the site and sign up for the newsletter

The cool thing about this site is that it is building with the feedback from the community on the Steem blockchain.  This blog will be hosted on my website but will also automatically be posted on the Steem Blockchain as well.  You can comment and feedback are very welcome but if you want to make a bit of crypto through those comments then maybe think about getting an account of your own.

This can be done using this new service called  and you can read all about how it works in their introduction post.

Passion has led me here but there is a lot more work to be done and regular updates will follow along with a lot of sweat blood and tears to get this right. This is now written in WordPress with Elementor.  I know what it will look like on my blog, let us hope it looks right on Steem as well.

 I hope you join me on the next steps of this fascinating journey… Are you ready for what is coming?

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