So far we have started securing our crypto by using hardware wallets. And those are really a step up to getting some security for your crypto coins and tokens.

But when you set up a crypto wallet then you are usually provided with a 12 or 24 word recovery seed.  Now there is the option to write this down on a piece of paper and hide it in the sock drawer.  But then the chance of a wife or child throwing away a piece of paper with some scribbled words is real and then your backup is no more.

Here is the solution:

This is a stainless steel solution designed speicifically for saving your recovery seeds and hand crafted in Poland.
Each Cryptosteel kit features the signature letterpress packaging designed by famous artist Rafael Akahira

Good to know

the Cryptosteel is fire and heat resistant till a temperature of 1200°C or 2100°F


the Cryptosteel is available in four different versions



Cold Storage Wallet

Letter Package

shipping fee

lifetime return policy




285 tiles for hexadecimal

12 USD




245 uppercase letters

12 USD





317 tiles

12 USD




655 tiles


It is available in four different versions that all contain one double sided stainless steel cold storage wallet:

  • Cryptosteel Mnemonic: capable of holding 24 four-digit mnemonics total, as well as over 245 uppercase letter tiles, optimised and part-randomised for maximum ease of use and security. Blank tiles are included to facilitate three-letter mnemonic words.
  • Cryptosteel Hex: over 285 tiles optimised for hexadecimal passkeys. These include uppercase letters, numbers and the lowercase x.
  • Cryptosteel Anykey: contains over 370 tiles and is capable of holding 96 characters split into six 16-character lines of code. Blank tiles are included to represent spaces and facilitate three-letter mnemonic words.
  • Cryptosteel Mix: 96 character slots and two separate character sets, one featuring uppercase letters and blanks, the other including both uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as numerals and special symbols.
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