Mailchimp does not like crypto. Now what?

Email marketing platform issues

As part of the build up of I was wanting to set up a monthly newsletter and a basic course of 7 emails that went over the first basic steps in the world of crypto.  The idea was to only send these to people that actually signed up to do so in accordance to the European GDPR legislation.

I had already prepared 2 emails in the sequence and had most of the others close to ready. My Mailchimp account was up and running and after a few hours of youtube and experimenting I had a popup and some buttons that let users subscribe to both things.  I was very proud with a slight headache

mailchimp crypto ban

So I tested it out with the email of my wife (who made it very clear she did not want crypto newsletters)

and it actually worked. (less headache after that)

She received a confirmation email with the question to confirm this subscription.  The only thing that I did not understand was why the email listed for questions was my private one since I had never actually used this in connection to mailchimp.  But apparently this was set as the main email on the account of WordPress.

mailchimp crypto ban

The next step of course was to remove the private email and add in the cryptogoodies one.

and sadly that also actually worked. (again more headache after that)

because immediately upon changing to the other domain email I received another message from Mailchimp and this one was not so nice.  

mailchimp crypto ban

So it seems that along with Youtube and Facebook and Google and some other major decentralised companies Mailchimp has decided to slap a blanket ban on everything crypto.  In their defence they did this in April 2018 and this was still ICO times.  I do understand that there were a lot of spammy and shady things going on but as far as I know the have enough tech to be able to differentiate one from the other when it comes to other topics. 

 I just got blocked for having crypto in my domain name.

That was apparently enough. I could contact them to maybe get it reversed but this is before I have even sent my first email.  Do I really want to potentially pay a service that can just jerk the rug from under my feet whenever they feel like it?

This really is another reason why these big centralised corporations are digging their own graves in my opinion.

What do you guys think?

Does anyone have any alternatives to Mailchimp that do not have any issues with crypto and blockchain?


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