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My name is Bart and I am the founder of this educational website on all things crypto and blockchain. coming across blockchain and cryptocurrencies early 2017 was a real eye opener for me that has led deeper and deeper into this rabbit hole.  I have learnt a lot during this time but more importantly have found that I have a lot more to learn. Having now experienced both bull and bear markets was also an eye opener.

During that journey I have searched online for a place to safely buy  hardware wallets that would also provide me with honest feedback.  Since I was never completely satisfied with the info out there and wanted to research some things myself I have started this site.  And since I am never completely satisfied this place will also be a growing space for current and up to date information.

And here it is…

End of 2017 I have also co-founded CryptoworldZug.  This is is an association in the heart of the Crypto Valley in Switzerland that is looking to educate people on all things blockchain and crypto through weekly meetups, workshops and conferences.

 So if you have bought some Crypto and you want to keep it safe then you have come to the right place.  In  Hard Wallets you will find a nice selection of popular and affordable wallets that will be shipped safe and secure to your home.

If you are unsure of how everything works we have also added some nice tutorials and explanations on how they work for you.  Just to make your life easier.

On the other hand, if you just want a cool Bitcoin or Ethereum Tshirt or mug then we can also provide that for you as you browse our Goodies section.

How is this site generating revenue?

crypto money safe income

Everything on is free to use and this website doesn’t allow advertising. Anything on the site is here for educational purposes and comes from our research, experience or our own testing.

Our income comes from “affiliate links” 

These links look and feel  like normal links, but if someone clicks them, they are tracked and may generate a payment to the site. The details depend but the payments might be per click, per user, per application, per accepted application or any combination of the above.

We only use links that give you the exact same or better deal then going directly to the main site but with an added review or explanation.

We really prefer to keep this site and its content free to use and add free as well and as such would appreciate the clicks on the affiliate links instead of skipping and going directly to the main provider site.

  Since this is a new market and a new technology the evolutions will be big, ongoing and probably drastic.  We will continue to look for the most up to date information and in doing so keep you in the loop as well.

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