Crypto passive income: which platform to use?

Top 3 Crypto lending platforms in 2019

Welcome to the big Crypto Lending Platform test of 2019.  Here we share a list of useful reviews on how and where to get the best cryptocurrency loans and grow your passive income.  We have taken a lot of valuable background information and put it all together with a clear and precise summary of available online reviews.

We aim to make your decision easier and to help you decide which company is best for you and your needs. Our goal is for you to be able to safely store your cryptocurrency and bitcoin while either using it as collateral for crypto backed loans or to stake it and get that sweet interest.

In the Advisor section you can find the answers to all frequently asked questions on the topic of cryptocurrency lending. Where possible we added test videos and farther along the page we added some important key factors you should consider before deciding which platform to use. 

If you have been hodling your Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies on exchanges then this is the solution to keep them and not only ride the wave up but become your own bank and earn interest.

Your crypto can be much more


Crypto lending platforms are New & Exiting business models

Summary: Crypto Lending Platfroms

There is a wave of new platforms coming to the cryptosphere.  These are platforms where you can hold stablecoins or cryptocurrencies as collateral to receive Fiat or Crypto loans.

A lot of these new companies are part of the Decentralised Finance or DEFI movement but others are very centralised entities. But both kinds provide something new on the market.

For hodlers it is a way to earn interest on their Crypto which was not possible before and for those seeking credit it is now possible to get crypto backed loans.

Passive Income Platforms Top 3

Nr 1:  Celsius Platform
Nr 1: Celsius Platform
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Celsius as a lending app is for me the clear favourite with the ease of use and presented options to get more passive income. All this from Alex Machinski who is the inventor of VOIP.
  • Allows interest on Cryptocurrencies
  • Very easy to use on the app although a desktop version would be a plus
  • Biggest choice in supported stablecoins and cryptocurrencies
  • Option for bigger returns to get interest paid out in CEL token
  • Has no FIAT onboarding
  • Interest does not compound
Nr 2: Nexo Platform
Nr 2: Nexo Platform
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Fully insured crypto lending platform with the biggest benefit of offering compounding interest
  • Allows interest on Stablecoins without minimum and on Euros from 5000 €
  • FIAT onboarding and offramping
  • Daily compounding interest
  • Nexo token earns dividends
  • No Cryptocurrency Interest
  • No app available
Nr 3:
Nr 3:
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This decentralised platforms gives us a taste of what the future can bring in the DEFI movement: Very interesting if you only want to use DAI
  • Decentralised
  • Most secure and trustworthy due to use of smart contracts
  • Daily compounding
  • Only one main Coin: DAI
  • Not for the casual user as its technically more challenging

Award winning

more and more Start ups and Tech companies are giving this Tech the recognition it deserves

Technology driven

Blockchain is the new technology that drives this whole innovation

Small investments

Crypto lending can start at small amounts and are affordable for all

F.I.R.E. strategy

Get more and gain Financial Independance to Retire Early

NO Foreign exchange

Cryptocurrency is borderless

Time management

Save Time and Money by reading our reviews

Things you should know before choosing a Crypto Lending platform

There is currently no way to loan out FIAT currency so the way to go is to convert your money into an accepted stablecoin of your choosing and that is currently being accepted by the platforms.  The only drawback there is that for the moment only Dollar pegged stablecoins are used to loan out.  But those generally give better returns than crypto tokens and coins.  

Most platforms only accept stablecoins for the moment and Celsius is the notable exception here giving out decent interest rates on a lot of the major cryptocurrencies.

The nice thing about some platforms is that you can put up your paycheck in the beginning of the month to earn interest and take out a loan in the end if you want to bridge the gap.  If you want to use the loans to invest you have to put up sizeable collateral either in crypto or in stablecoins to get a loan.

Most platforms do not ask for minimum deposits to start earning interest.  The notable exception there is BlockFi

The Financial Independence Retire Early movement is slowly moving into crypto.  Not only owning cryptocurrencies is a goal but being able to add interest to the mix is sure to bring F.I.R.E. participants to this exiting new field.

For people who are planning for their retirement Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies represent a Hedge against the regular FIAT economy

If you are a bit more conservative and newer to the crypto space than a platform like Nexo is good for you due to the Fiat onramp and the compounding interest on stablecoins. 

If you already own some crypto and want to get more out of them without trading then Celsius is the choice for you. They have multiple main cryptocurrencies where they offer interest.

If you are a bit more tech savvy and own some DAI then go for the option since they offer the highest compounding interest on that.

Features Nexo Celsius

FIAT accepted



Stablecoin Accepted




Crypto Accepted

None yet

Compounding %






2FA / Addres whitelisting



NEXO Token, 30% profit dividends
Celsius token, up to 25% more interest


Two sides of the coin

Lending out

When you reach the beginning of the month or you have some spare cash, then consider putting it in one of these platforms and earn interest on your money until you need it or keep it there for that steady passive income.

Getting Credit

A bit strapped for cash but you do not want to spend your hard earned crypto?  You can use it as collateral to get a loan and bridge that hard time or buy the things you desire. 

The users say


Loving seeing that Sweet Crypto Interest coming into my account!!

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