This is the place for a few different things. But this is mostly the place for all goodies on the blockchain.  Your home for all things NFT, Crypto Themed Gadgets, Hardware Wallets or Seed storage devices. Have a look around or dive into one of the cool blockchain games out there to start collecting your unique tokens.  Collectibles both digital and physical can be found here for the cryptocurrency and blockchain fans.  Find out how you as well can get those rare digital items.

Non Fungable Tokens

An NFT or Non Fungable Token is a digital item that you can own because there is only one version and it cannot be copied like other digital files

Hardware Wallets

A handy comparison between the most common and popular hardware wallets on the market. It is crucial to keep your cryptocurrencies safe, you are your own bank after all.

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Securing Seeds

Security is nothing to laugh about, especially if you are becoming your own bank and are responsible for your own funds. Having fire and waterproof tools always help.

bitcoin, bockchain, cryptocurrencies

Crypto Merchandise

Its all good and well to have the crypto and be able to keep it safe. But there are also more and more places to spend it online and offline.

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The blog will come out on a semi-regular basis keeping you updated on what we are doing and how the site is evolving but also on the most important things that are shaping the world of crypto

Crypto Lending

There are quite a few platforms that are taking all kinds of cryptocurrencies as collateral to give out loans both in Fiat and Crypto. The good thing is that you can be on both ends. Get a loan or get interest on your crypto.


Join in the discussion and make some money along the way. Here we provide you with a blockchain you can actually participate in for free and where you can even make some extra money by joining in and commenting and interacting with articles on things you like or dislike.

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