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Back in the 1990s everyone was wondering what this strange thing called the internet really was and if it would amount to anything.  Thirty years later we know the answer and now there is a new technology around with the same and some say even more potential to change the world as we know it.  This is the revolution of Blockchain and the Cryptocurrencies that go with it.

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Blockchain 101

A very simple breakdown of what this revolutionary technology is all about.  Learn about why it might change the world as we know it. 

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Buying Cryptocurrency

Info on which is the best place to convert your regular fiat money into cryptocurrency. Find out here where to go and which different means there are to go about it

Hardware Wallets

A handy comparison between the most common and popular hardware wallets on the market. It is crucial to keep your cryptocurrencies safe, you are your own bank after all.

bitcoin, bockchain, cryptocurrencies

Trading Cryptocurrency

Now that we have the Cryptocurrency we want to find info on how to change one kind for another. There are so many exchanges out there and here we look at the popular ones.

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Securing Seeds

Security is nothing to laugh about, especially if you are becoming your own bank and are responsible for your own funds. Having fire and waterproof tools always help.

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Crypto Merchandise

Its all good and well to have the crypto and be able to keep it safe. But there are also more and more places to spend it online and offline.

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The blog will come out on a semi-regular basis keeping you updated on what we are doing and how the site is evolving but also on the most important things that are shaping the world of crypto

Crypto Lending

There are quite a few platforms that are taking all kinds of cryptocurrencies as collateral to give out loans both in Fiat and Crypto. The good thing is that you can be on both ends. Get a loan or get interest on your crypto.


Join in the discussion and make some money along the way. Here we provide you with a blockchain you can actually participate in for free and where you can even make some extra money by joining in and commenting and interacting with articles on things you like or dislike.

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